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I5klogo4.jpg i5k Genome Sequencing Initiative for Insects and Other Arthropods

Sequencing 5,000 Insects and Other Arthropods

The i5k initiative is a transformative project that aims to sequence and analyze the genomes of 5,000 arthropod species. Species selection is driven by our common goal to better understand arthropod evolution and phylogeny through studies of species known to be important to worldwide agriculture, food safety, medicine, energy production, models in biology, those species most abundant in world ecosystems, and representatives in every branch of insect phylogeny. Our initiative is broad and inclusive. We intend to involve scientists from around the world to strengthen our combined research and form partnerships to seek funding from academia, governments, industry, and private sources.

Learn more about the work of i5K and current progress through the menu items on the left.

Join the Initiative

To become involved, first follow instructions on "How to Sign Up for this Wiki", and then let us know about your species of interest and the focus of your research by filling out this form. If your species of interest are missing from our proposed list, please follow instructions below on how to nominate them for sequencing as part of the i5k effort.

i5k Coordinating Group
This group continues to grow as we recruit additional representatives from around the world.

Gene E. Robinson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Kevin J. Hackett, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland
Susan J. Brown, Kansas State University and Arthropod Genomics Consortium Owain R. Edwards, CSIRO, Centre for Environment and Life Sciences, Australia
Mary Purcell-Miramontes, USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Washington, DC Christine Elsik, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Scott Emrich, University of Notre Dame Jay D. Evans, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland
Toni Gabaldon, Comparative Genomics Group, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain Marian R. Goldsmith, University of Rhode Island
Pedro Lagerblad de Oliveira, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Daniel Lawson, European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton UK
Kang Le, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Zoology, Beijing, P.R. China Bernhard Misof, ZFMK, Center for Molecular Biodiversity Research, Bonn, Germany
Monica C. Munoz-Torres, BBOP, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA Oliver Niehuis, ZFMK, Center for Molecular Biodiversity Research, Bonn, Germany
Jack Okamuro, USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Beltsville, Maryland Alexie Papanicolaou, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Australia
Michael Pfrender, University of Notre Dame Stephen (fringy) Richards, Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center
Hugh M. Robertson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Denis Tagu, National Institute for Agricultural Research - Rennes, Le Rheu, France
Evgeny M. Zdobnov, University of Geneva Medical School, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, Switzerland Guojie Zhang, BGI-Shenzhen, China
Xinming Zhang, BGI-Shenzhen, China Xin Zhou, BGI-Shenzhen, China

Nominating a species

All members of the research community are strongly encouraged to nominate a species for the i5K initiative. Share with us details about your species of interest using one of the following options:

Online Web form: To nominate a species please use this form.

Bulk submission of multiple species: Or if you want to nominate multiple species then try the CSV style spreadsheet option. Add the relevant fields in a text editor or spreadsheet application and mail the file to bugadmin@arthropodgenomes.org.

Download nomination list as [ CSV | DSV ]

Total no. of species: 809

Hexapoda 702
Chelicerata 64
Crustacea 20
Myriapoda 6

Pie-chart generated: 2015-05-04


Total no. of species: 702

Hymenoptera 256
Diptera 107
Hemiptera 91
Coleoptera 69
Lepidoptera 56
Isoptera 25
Orthoptera 15
Collembola 10
Archaeognatha 5
Blattaria 5
Dermaptera 4
Dictyoptera 2
Diplura 4
Embioptera 2
Ephemeroptera 2
Mantodea 5
Mantophasmatodea 1
Mecoptera 3
Megaloptera 2
Neuroptera 6
Notoptera 1
Odonata 3
Phasmatodea 2
Phthiraptera 2
Plecoptera 2
Protura 3
Raphidioptera 1
Siphonaptera 3
Strepsiptera 1
Thysanoptera 5
Trichoptera 4
Zoraptera 1
Zygentoma 5

Total no. of species: 64

Araneae 34
Ixodida 8
Prostigmata 9
Astigmata 1
Opiliones 3
Mesostigmata 2
Pantopoda 1
Scorpiones 3
Pseudoscorpiones 2

Total no. of species: 20

Isopoda 5
Decapoda 5
Amphipoda 2
Calanoida 2
Euphausiacea 0
Diplostraca 0
Anostraca 1
Notostraca 1
Brachypoda 1
Leptostraca 1
Harpacticoida 1
Nectiopoda 1

Total no. of species: 6

Chilopoda 2
Diplopoda 2
Pauropoda 1
Symphyla 1

Species Common name Subphylum Order NCBI taxon
Acanthoscelides obtectus Bean weevil Hexapoda Coleoptera 200917200917
Acerentomon maius May conehead Hexapoda Protura 135966135966
Aceria tosichella Wheat curl mite Chelicerata Prostigmata 561515561515
Achelia sp. Sea spiders Chelicerata Pantopoda 6189461894
Achroia grisella Lesser wax moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 688607688607
Acizzia uncatoides Acacia psyllid Hexapoda Hemiptera 121830121830
Acromyrmex echinatior Panamanian leafcutter ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 103372103372
Acromyrmex insinuator Hexapoda Hymenoptera 230686230686
Acyrthosiphon kondoi Bluegreen aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 3466434664
Acyrthosiphon svalbardicum Hexapoda Hemiptera
Adelges laricis Pale spruce gall adelgid Hexapoda Hemiptera
Adelges piceae Balsam woolly adelgid Hexapoda Hemiptera 419082419082
Adelges tsugae Hemlock woolly adelgid Hexapoda Hemiptera
Aedes albopictus Asian tiger mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 71607160
Aedes japonicus Hexapoda Diptera 140438140438
Aedes lineatopennis Hexapoda Diptera
Aedes polynesiensis Hexapoda Diptera 188700188700
Aedes sollicitans Eastern salt marsh mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 310513310513
Aedes vexans Floodwater mosquito Hexapoda Diptera
Agapostemon sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8859088590
Agapostemon splendens Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Agelaia vicina Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Agrilus planipennis Emerald ash borer Hexapoda Coleoptera 224129224129
Agrodiaetus fulgens Catalan furry blue Hexapoda Lepidoptera 268656268656
Aleurocanthus spiniferus Citrus spiny whitefly Hexapoda Hemiptera 593793593793
Allonemobius fasciatus Striped ground cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 292203292203
Allonemobius socius Southern ground cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 208665208665
Allopauropus sp. Myriapoda Pauropoda 244970244970
Alloxysta victrix Hexapoda Hymenoptera 154055154055
Alphitobius diaperinus Lesser mealworm Hexapoda Coleoptera 2744827448
Amblyomma americanum Lone star tick Chelicerata Ixodida 69436943
Amblyomma hebraeum Bont tick Chelicerata Ixodida
Amblyomma maculatum The Gulf-Coast Tick Chelicerata Ixodida 3460934609
Amblyopone sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 219764219764
Ammophila sabulosa Red-banded sand wasp Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Ampulex compressa Emerald cockroach wasp Hexapoda Hymenoptera 860918860918
Anagasta kuehniella Mediterranean flour moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 4007940079
Anasa tristis Squash bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 236421236421
Anastrepha fraterculus South American fruit fly Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha grandis Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha ludens Mexican fruit fly Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha obliqua West Indian fruit fly Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha serpentina Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha striata Guava fruitfly Hexapoda Diptera
Anastrepha suspensa Caribbean fruitfly Hexapoda Diptera 2858728587
Andrena vaga Hexapoda Hymenoptera 124134124134
Anelosimus eximius Chelicerata Araneae 233458233458
Anergates atratulus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aneuretus simoni Sri Lankan relict ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 369090369090
Anischnogaster sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 743404743404
Anisolabis maritima Maritime earwig Hexapoda Dermaptera 6274962749
Anisomorpha buprestoides Two striped walking stick Hexapoda Phasmatodea 5052950529
Anopheles albimanus New World malaria mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 71677167
Anopheles arabiensis African malaria mosquito Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles atroparvus Hexapoda Diptera 4142741427
Anopheles christyi Hexapoda Diptera 3469034690
Anopheles cruzii Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles culicifacies Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles darlingi Hexapoda Diptera 4315143151
Anopheles dirus Hexapoda Diptera 4872448724
Anopheles epiroticus Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles farauti Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles funestus African malaria mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 6232462324
Anopheles hyrcanus Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles implexus Hexapoda Diptera
Anopheles maculatus Hexapoda Diptera 7486974869
Anopheles melas Hexapoda Diptera 3469034690
Anopheles merus Hexapoda Diptera 3006630066
Anopheles minimus African non-vector mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 112268112268
Anopheles quadriannulatus Hexapoda Diptera 3469134691
Anopheles quadrimaculatus Common malaria mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 71667166
Anopheles stephensi Asian malaria mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 3006930069
Anoplophora chinensis Hexapoda Coleoptera
Anoplophora glabripennis Asian longhorned beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 217634217634
Anthonomus grandis Boll weevil Hexapoda Coleoptera 70447044
Antipaluria urichi Webspinner Hexapoda Embioptera 270842270842
Anurida maritima Hexapoda Collembola 6469564695
Aphaenogaster senilis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 458887458887
Aphelinus abdominalis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 297830297830
Aphelinus asychis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 163153163153
Aphidius avenae Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aphidius colemani Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aphidius eadyi Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aphidius ervi Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aphidius rhopalosiphi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5589155891
Aphis craccivora Hexapoda Hemiptera
Aphis fabae Hexapoda Hemiptera
Aphis glycines Soybean aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 307491307491
Aphis gossypii Cotton aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 8076580765
Aphis nerii Hexapoda Hemiptera
Apis cerana Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Apis dorsata Giant honeybee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 74627462
Apis florea Red dwarf honey bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 74637463
Apis mellifera Honey bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 74607460
Apocephalus borealis Hexapoda Diptera 10064781006478
Apoica pallens Hexapoda Hymenoptera 256668256668
Apoica vicina Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Aporus sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 411693411693
Aproceros leucopoda East Asian elm sawfly Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Apterostigma dentigerum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Apterostigma megacephala Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Araneus diadematus European garden spider Chelicerata Araneae 4592045920
Araneus marmoreus Chelicerata Araneae 336584336584
Archaeopsylla erinacei Hexapoda Siphonaptera 4890948909
Archotermopsis wroughtoni Hexapoda Isoptera 4657546575
Argiope bruennichi Orb-weaving spider Chelicerata Araneae 9402994029
Armigeres subalbatus Hexapoda Diptera 124917124917
Artemia franciscana Brine shrimp Crustacea Anostraca 66616661
Asellus aquaticus Waterlouse Crustacea Isopoda 9252592525
Astalotermes quietus Hexapoda Isoptera 201539201539
Atelura formicaria Hexapoda Zygentoma 459531459531
Athalia rosae Turnip sawfly Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3734437344
Atherigona oryzae Hexapoda Diptera
Atrax robustus Sydney funnel spider Chelicerata Araneae 69036903
Atta cephalotes Leafcutter ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 1295712957
Atta colombica Leafcutter ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 520822520822
Atta texana Texas leafcutter ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 493209493209
Attini spp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 143999143999
Augochlorella aurata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 586896586896
Austroplebeia australis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 166407166407
Autographa gamma Silver Y moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 254363254363
Bactericera cockerelli Potato psyllid Hexapoda Hemiptera 290155290155
Bactrocera carambolae Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera curcurbitae Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera dorsalis Oriental Fruit Fly Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera invadens Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera oleae Olive fruit fly Hexapoda Diptera 104688104688
Bactrocera papayae Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera philippinensis Hexapoda Diptera
Bactrocera tryoni Hexapoda Diptera
Bagrada cruciferarum Harlequin bug Hexapoda Hemiptera
Baizongia pistaciae Hexapoda Hemiptera 198322198322
Bathynomus giganteus Crustacea Isopoda 192963192963
Belonocnema treatae Live oak pea galler Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bemisia tabaci Sweet potato whitefly Hexapoda Hemiptera 70387038
Bicyclus anynana Squinting bush brown Hexapoda Lepidoptera 110368110368
Biston betularia peppered moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera
Blaniulus guttulatus Orange spottet millipede Myriapoda Julida
Blasticotoma filiceti Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Blattella germanica German cockroach Hexapoda Blattaria 69736973
Blissus leucopterus Chinch bug Hexapoda Hemiptera
Bombus alpinus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus griseocollis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus hortorum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus hyperboreus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus impatiens Common eastern bumble bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 132113132113
Bombus inexpectatus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus insularis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus lapidarius Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus occidentalis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus pascuorum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus polaris Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus ruderarius Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus ruderatus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Bombus terrestris Buff tailed bumble bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3019530195
Bombus vestalis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Boreus sp. Hexapoda Mecoptera 4891148911
Bourletiella hortensis Hexapoda Collembola 574228574228
Brachinus crepitans Hexapoda Coleoptera
Brachinus sclopeta Hexapoda Coleoptera
Brachygaster minutus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 315848315848
Brachygastra mellifica Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Brachymeria minuta Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Brachymyrmex sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 4665046650
Brevicoryne brassicae Cabbage aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 6919669196
Brevipalpus californicus Chelicerata Prostigmata 242797242797
Brevipalpus obovatus Chelicerata Prostigmata
Brevipalpus phoenicis Chelicerata Prostigmata
Bruchidius obtectus Hexapoda Coleoptera
Bryobia praetiosa Clover mite Chelicerata Prostigmata 166497166497
Busseola fusca Maize stalk borer Hexapoda Lepidoptera 236788236788
Cacopsylla pruni Plum psyllid
Cactoblastis cactorum Cactus moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 5937959379
Cadra cautella Almond moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 1298512985
Calliphora vicina Hexapoda Diptera 73737373
Callosobruchus maculatus Cowpea weevil Hexapoda Coleoptera 6439164391
Calopteryx splendens Banded Demoiselle Hexapoda Odonata 5261252612
Calosoma scrutator Fiery searcher Hexapoda Coleoptera 6082160821
Campodea augens Hexapoda Diplura 438502438502
Camponotus fellah Hexapoda Hymenoptera 213863213863
Camponotus floridanus Florida carpenter ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 104421104421
Cancer borealis Jonah crab Crustacea Decapoda 3939539395
Capnodis tenebrionis Flatheaded woodborer Hexapoda Coleoptera
Cardiocondyla obscurior Hexapoda Hymenoptera 286306286306
Carpophilus freemani Hexapoda Coleoptera
Carterus fulvipes Hexapoda Coleoptera 247359247359
Cataglyphis cursor Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7279272792
Cataglyphis sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 4773247732
Catajapyx aquilonaris Silvestri's Northern forcepstail Hexapoda Diplura 438503438503
Cavariella salicicola Hexapoda Hemiptera 384386384386
Centris flavifrons Hexapoda Hymenoptera 360639360639
Centris flavofasciata
Centruroides sculpturatus Arizona bark scorpion Chelicerata Scorpiones 218467218467
Centruroides vittatus Bark scorpion Chelicerata Scorpiones 120091120091
Cephalonomia tarsalis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Cephalotes atratus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 493210493210
Cephalotes sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 369112369112
Cephalotes varians Hexapoda Hymenoptera 577618577618
Cerapachys biroi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 443821443821
Cerataphis brasiliensis Hexapoda Hemiptera 3965339653
Ceratina australensis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7817578175
Ceratina calcarata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 156304156304
Ceratitis capitata Medfly Hexapoda Diptera 72137213
Ceratovacuna nekoashi Hexapoda Hemiptera 3017330173
Cerceris arenaria Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Cerceris grandis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Cervaphis quercus Hexapoda Hemiptera 384373384373
Ceutorhynchus assimilis Cabbage seed weevil Hexapoda Coleoptera 467358467358
Chaeteessa valida Hexapoda Mantodea 627729627729
Chagasia bathana Hexapoda Diptera 139052139052
Chamaemyia sp. Hexapoda Diptera 305621305621
Cheiracanthium inclusum Agrarian sac spider Chelicerata Araneae 329898329898
Chelifer cancroides Book pseudoscorpion Chelicerata Pseudoscorpiones
Chiastocheta rotundiventris Hexapoda Diptera 129255129255
Chironomus riparius Harlequin fly Hexapoda Diptera 315576315576
Chorthippus parallelus Meadow grasshopper Hexapoda Orthoptera 3763937639
Chrysomela tremulae Hexapoda Coleoptera 154007154007
Chrysoperla mediterranea Hexapoda Neuroptera 7682176821
Chrysoperla rufilabris Southern green lacewing Hexapoda Neuroptera 7682376823
Chrysops dimidiata Hexapoda Diptera
Chrysops silacea Hexapoda Diptera
Cicadulina mbila Maize leafhopper Hexapoda Hemiptera
Cimex lectularius Bed bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 7978279782
Cinara cedri Cedar aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 506608506608
Clastoptera arizonana Arizona spittle bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 3815138151
Clogmia albipunctata Moth midge Hexapoda Diptera 8512085120
Coboldia fuscipes Phantom midge Hexapoda Diptera 170625170625
Coccinella septempunctata Seven-spotted ladybird Hexapoda Coleoptera 4113941139
Cochliomyia hominivorax Primary screw-worm Hexapoda Diptera 115425115425
Coleomegilla maculata Pink spotted ladybird beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 279632279632
Colletes cunicularius Hexapoda Hymenoptera 420711420711
Copidosoma floridanum Hexapoda Hymenoptera 2905329053
Coptotermes formosanus Formosan subterranean termite Hexapoda Isoptera 3698736987
Cordylochernes scorpioides Chelicerata Pseudoscorpiones 5181151811
Corethrella appendiculata Hexapoda Diptera
Corydalus sp. Hexapoda Megaloptera 5055550555
Cosmophasis umbratica Chelicerata Araneae 426808426808
Cosmopolites sordidus Banana borer Hexapoda Coleoptera 206492206492
Cotesia glomerata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3239132391
Cotesia sesamiae Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8980789807
Crocidolomia pavonana Cabbage cluster caterpillar Hexapoda Lepidoptera
Cryptocercus darwini Wood-feeding cockroach Hexapoda Dictyoptera 8983589835
Cryptocercus punctulatus Hexapoda Dictyoptera
Cryptotermes brevis West Indian drywood termite Hexapoda Isoptera 105780105780
Cryptotermes secundus Hexapoda Isoptera 105785105785
Ctenolepisma longicaudata Long-tailed silverfish Hexapoda Zygentoma 2755427554
Ctenoplectra australica Hexapoda Hymenoptera 481561481561
Cubitermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera 143603143603
Culex coronator Hexapoda Diptera 526217526217
Culex erraticus Hexapoda Diptera
Culex tarsalis Hexapoda Diptera 71777177
Culex tritaeniorhynchus Hexapoda Diptera
Culicoides imicola Hexapoda Diptera 8839988399
Culicoides sonorensis Hexapoda Diptera 179676179676
Cupiennius salei Central American wandering spider Chelicerata Araneae 69286928
Curculio caryae Pecan weevil Hexapoda Coleoptera 1302513025
Cydia funebrana Hexapoda Lepidoptera
Cydia pomonella Codling moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 8260082600
Cyphomyrmex costatus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 456900456900
Cyphomyrmex faunulus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3470034700
Cyphomyrmex rimosus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3470234702
Dacus frontalis Hexapoda Diptera 563042563042
Daktulosphaira vitifoliae Grapevine Phylloxera Hexapoda Hemiptera 5800258002
Danaus plexippus Monarch butterfly Hexapoda Lepidoptera 1303713037
Dasypoda hirtipes Hexapoda Hymenoptera 288372288372
Dendrocerus carpenteri Hexapoda Coleoptera
Dendroctonus frontalis Southern pine beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 7716177161
Dendroctonus ponderosae Mountain pine beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 7716677166
Dendroctonus pseudotsugae Douglas fir beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 7716777167
Deois flavopicta Cigarrinha das pastagens Hexapoda Hemiptera
Dermacentor variabilis American dog tick Chelicerata Ixodida 3462134621
Dermanyssus gallinae Northern fowl mite Chelicerata Mesostigmata 3464134641
Dermestes maculatus Common hide beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 473951473951
Diabrotica virgifera Western corn rootworm Hexapoda Coleoptera 5039050390
Diacamma sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 9606096060
Diaeretiella rapae Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5589355893
Diaphorina citri Asian citris psyllid Hexapoda Hemiptera 121845121845
Diatraea saccharalis Sugarcane borer Hexapoda Lepidoptera 4008540085
Dibrachys microgastri Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Diceroprocta semicincta Hexapoda Hemiptera
Dichochrysa prasina Hexapoda Neuroptera 417508417508
Dichrostigma flavipes Hexapoda Raphidioptera 279414279414
Diglyphus isaea Hexapoda Hymenoptera 108727108727
Dilta littoralis Hexapoda Archaeognatha 6199961999
Dinoponera sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera 369122369122
Diplolepis rosae Mossyrose gall wasp Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7340573405
Diploptera punctata Pacific beetle cockroach Hexapoda Blattaria 69846984
Diuraphis noxia Russian wheat aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 143948143948
Dolichovespula maculata Bald-faced hornet Hexapoda Hymenoptera 74417441
Dorylus molestus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 271189271189
Draeculacephala minerva Grass sharpshooter Hexapoda Hemiptera
Drosophila hydei Hexapoda Diptera 72247224
Drosophila immigrans Hexapoda Diptera 72507250
Drosophila subobscura Fruit fly Hexapoda Diptera 72417241
Dufourea novaeangliae Hexapoda Hymenoptera 178035178035
Dysdera crocata Woodlouse spider Chelicerata Araneae 5876458764
Eciton burchelli Army ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 213866213866
Eldana saccharina African sugarcane stalk borer Hexapoda Lepidoptera 236776236776
Embia sp. Hexapoda Embioptera
Empoasca fabae Hexapoda Hemiptera 139595139595
Encarsia formosa Greenhouse whitefly parasite Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3240032400
Enchenopa binotata Hexapoda Hemiptera 5465654656
Eosentomon sp. Hexapoda Protura
Ephedrus plagiator Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5591455914
Ephemera danica Green Drake mayfly Hexapoda Ephemeroptera
Ephestia kuehniella Mediterranean flour moth 4007940079
Ephoron shigae Hexapoda Ephemeroptera 11723811172381
Epicharis sp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Epiphyas postvittana Light brown apple moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 6503265032
Episyron rufipes Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Episyrphus balteatus Marmalade hoverfly Hexapoda Diptera 286459286459
Euborellia annulipes Ringlegged earwig Hexapoda Dermaptera 146833146833
Eufriesea mexicana orchid bee
Euglossa atroveneta orchid bee
Euglossa dilemma orchid bee
Euglossa hyacintha Hexapoda Hymenoptera 6090260902
Euglossa imperialis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 6090260902
Euglossa viridissima
Eupeodes corollae Hexapoda Diptera 290404290404
Euperipatoides kanangrensis Velvet worm 488523488523
Euperipatoides rowelli Australian Velvet Worm
Euphydryas aurinia Marsh fritillary Hexapoda Lepidoptera 104503104503
Euroleon nostras Hexapoda Neuroptera 516507516507
Eurosta solidaginis Goldenrod gall fly Hexapoda Diptera 178769178769
Euryaulax carnifex Sugarcane spittlebug Hexapoda Hemiptera
Eurytemora affinis common copepod Crustacea Calanoida 8801588015
Eurytoma rosae Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7520375203
Euscelidius variegatus Hexapoda Hemiptera 1306413064
Evarcha culicivora Jumping spider Chelicerata Araneae
Exoneura robusta Hexapoda Hymenoptera 175328175328
Exoneurella tridentata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7818978189
Filientomon sp. Hexapoda Protura
Folsomia candida Hexapoda Collembola 158441158441
Forficula auricularia European earwig Hexapoda Dermaptera 1306813068
Formica exsecta Narrow headed ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7278172781
Formica fusca Common black ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7277972779
Formica rufa Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Formica selysi Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Frankliniella occidentalis Western flower thrips Hexapoda Thysanoptera 133901133901
Frankliniella parvula Banana thrip Hexapoda Thysanoptera
Frieseomelitta nigra stingless bee
Galleria mellonella Greater wax moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 71377137
Gasteruption tournieri Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Gastrophysa viridula Green dock beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 154015154015
Glossina morsitans Tsetse Hexapoda Diptera 73947394
Glossina pallidipes Hexapoda Diptera 73987398
Gnorimoschema barsaniella Hexapoda Lepidoptera
Goliathus giganteus Goliath beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera
Graphocephala fennahi Hexapoda Hemiptera
Greenidea ficicola Hexapoda Hemiptera 796229796229
Grylloblatta bifratrilecta Hexapoda Notoptera 707599707599
Gryllodes sigillatus Decorated cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 1355113551
Gryllus bimaculatus Two-spotted cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 69996999
Gryllus pennsylvanicus Fall cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 5107451074
Gryllus texensis Texas trilling cricket Hexapoda Orthoptera 128160128160
Gyrinus sp. Hexapoda Coleoptera
Habronattus oregonensis Chelicerata Araneae 130930130930
Habropoda laboriosa Southeastern blueberry bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 597456597456
Hadrurus arizonensis Giant desert hairy scorpion Chelicerata Scorpiones 8831688316
Haemagogus equinus Hexapoda Diptera 5352653526
Haematopota pluvialis Hexapoda Diptera 178770178770
Halictus ligatus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Halictus quadricinctus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Halictus rubicundus Sweat bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7757877578
Halyomorpha halys Brown marmorated stink bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 286706286706
Harmonia axyridis Asian lady beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 115357115357
Harpalus affinis Hexapoda Coleoptera 247283247283
Harpegnathos saltator Jerdon's jumping ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 610380610380
Hedychrum nobile Hexapoda Hymenoptera 696725696725
Hedychrum rutilans Hexapoda Hymenoptera 212593212593
Helicoverpa armigera Cotton bollworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 2905829058
Helicoverpa assulta Oriental tobacco budworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 5234452344
Helicoverpa zea Corn earworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 71137113
Heliothis subflexa Hexapoda Lepidoptera 3804138041
Heliothis virescens tobacco budworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 71027102
Hellula undalis Cabbage webworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 753185753185
Hepialus humuli Hexapoda Lepidoptera 470875470875
Hermetia illucens Black soldier fly Hexapoda Diptera 343691343691
Hippodamia convergens Convergent lady beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 6469664696
Hodotermes mossambicus Hexapoda Isoptera 187541187541
Hodotermopsis sjostedti Hexapoda Isoptera 377914377914
Homalodisca vitripennis Glassy-winged sharpshooter Hexapoda Hemiptera 197043197043
Homarus americanus American lobster Crustacea Decapoda 67066706
Hyalella azteca scud Crustacea Amphipoda 294128294128
Hyalesthes obsoletus Hexapoda Hemiptera 472025472025
Hyalomma dromedarii Chelicerata Ixodida 3462634626
Hydropsyche angustipennis Hexapoda Trichoptera 329908329908
Hypochilus pococki Lampshade spider Chelicerata Araneae
Hypolimnas bolina Common eggfly Hexapoda Lepidoptera 7621576215
Hypothenemus hampei Coffee berry borer Hexapoda Coleoptera 5706257062
Inquilina schwarzi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 4767647676
Ips pini North American pine engraver Hexapoda Coleoptera 102803102803
Ixodes ricinus Castor bean tick Chelicerata Ixodida 3461334613
Junonia coenia common buckeye butterfly Lepidoptera 3970839708
Kalathomyrmex emeryi Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Kalotermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera
Labidura riparia Giant earwig Hexapoda Dermaptera 5044950449
Ladona fulva scarce chaser 123851123851
Lampyris noctiluca Firefly Hexapoda Coleoptera 4131141311
Lariophagus distinguendus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 337974337974
Lasioderma serricorne Cigarette beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 295660295660
Lasioglossum albipes Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8850188501
Lasioglossum asteris Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8853988539
Lasioglossum calceatum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasioglossum fulvicorne Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasioglossum imitatum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasioglossum malachurum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasioglossum marginatum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasioglossum zephyrum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lasius neglectus Invasive garden ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 111072111072
Lasius niger Black garden ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 6776767767
Latrodectus geometricus Brown widow spider Chelicerata Araneae 156851156851
Latrodectus hesperus Western black widow spider Chelicerata Araneae 256737256737
Latrodectus mactans Chelicerata Araneae
Lepisma saccharina Hexapoda Zygentoma 5058650586
Lepismachilis y-signata Hexapoda Archaeognatha 438505438505
Lepthyphantes tenuis Sheetweb weaver Chelicerata Araneae 8183781837
Leptidea sinapis Wood white Hexapoda Lepidoptera 189913189913
Leptinotarsa decemlineata Colorado potato beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 75397539
Leptocybe invasa Hexapoda Hymenoptera 10283441028344
Leptopilina heterotoma Hexapoda Hymenoptera 6343663436
Leptothorax acervorum Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3340933409
Lethocerus indicus Giant water bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 212017212017
Leucospis dorsigera Hexapoda Hymenoptera 9243592435
Libellula depressa Hexapoda Odonata 123850123850
Libellula fulva Scarce chaser Hexapoda Odonata 123851123851
Lightiella sp. Crustacea Brachypoda
Limatus durhamii Hexapoda Diptera 704165704165
Limnephilus lunatus Caddisfly Hexapoda Trichoptera
Limnoporus dissortis Water strider Hexapoda Hemiptera 5608956089
Limnoria quadripunctata Gribble Crustacea Isopoda 161573161573
Linepithema humile Argentine ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8348583485
Liostenogaster flavolineata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8544585445
Lipaphis erysimi Mustard aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 223995223995
Liriomyza huidobrensis Pea leafminer Hexapoda Diptera
Liriomyza trifolii Vegetable leafminer Hexapoda Diptera 198433198433
Litopenaeus vannamei Pacific white shrimp Crustacea Decapoda 66896689
Lobesia botrana European grapevine moth Hexapoda Lepidoptera 209534209534
Locusta migratoria Migratory locust Hexapoda Orthoptera 70047004
Loxosceles arizonica Arizona brown spider Chelicerata Araneae 196454196454
Loxosceles boneti Chelicerata Araneae 283164283164
Loxosceles reclusa Brown recluse spider Chelicerata Araneae 69216921
Lucilia cuprina Australian sheep blowfly Hexapoda Diptera 73757375
Lucilia sericata Sheep blow fly Hexapoda Diptera 1363213632
Lutzomyia longipalpis Hexapoda Diptera 72007200
Lygus lineolaris Tarnished plant bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 5065050650
Lysiphlebus confusus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5589855898
Lysiphlebus fabarum Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Lyssomanes viridis Chelicerata Araneae 243367243367
Machilis hrabei Hrabe's jumping bristletail Hexapoda Archaeognatha 438506438506
Maconellicoccus hirsutus Hibiscus mealybug Hexapoda Hemiptera 177089177089
Macromus posticus Hexapoda Neuroptera
Macropis nuda Hexapoda Hymenoptera 288377288377
Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 1313113131
Macrosteles quadrilineatus Hexapoda Hemiptera 7406874068
Macrotermes bellicosus Hexapoda Isoptera 201577201577
Macrotermes muelleri Hexapoda Isoptera 201580201580
Macrotermes natalensis Hexapoda Isoptera 315803315803
Magicicada cassini Cassin's 17-year cicada Hexapoda Hemiptera 3808638086
Magicicada septendecim 17-year cicada Hexapoda Hemiptera 4467944679
Magicicada tredecim 13-year cicada Hexapoda Hemiptera 5280552805
Manduca sexta Tobacco hornworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 71307130
Mansonia africana Hexapoda Diptera 667564667564
Mansonia indiana Hexapoda Diptera
Mansonia uniformis Hexapoda Diptera 308735308735
Mantis religiosa Praying mantis Hexapoda Mantodea 75077507
Mantoida maya Yucatan mantid Hexapoda Mantodea
Maorigoeldia argyropus Hexapoda Diptera 704167704167
Martialis heureka Hexapoda Hymenoptera 557288557288
Maruca vitrata Hexapoda Lepidoptera 497515497515
Mastigoproctus giganteus American Giant Vinegaroon Chelicerata Thelyphonida 5876758767
Mastotermes darwiniensis Hexapoda Isoptera 1313913139
Mayetiola destructor Hessian fly Hexapoda Diptera 3975839758
Megachile rotundata Alfafa leafcutting bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 143995143995
Megachile willughbiella Willughby's leafcutter bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 481575481575
Megacopta cribraria Soybean bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 299257299257
Megalodontes cephalotes Hexapoda Hymenoptera 222801222801
Megalopta genalis Hexapoda Hymenoptera 115081115081
Megalotomus quinquespinosus Hexapoda Hemiptera 881510881510
Megaselia abdita Scuttle fly Hexapoda Diptera 8868688686
Megoura viciae Vetch aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 112273112273
Meinertellus sp. Hexapoda Archaeognatha
Melipona beecheii Hexapoda Hymenoptera 415722415722
Melipona quadrifasciata stingless bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 166423166423
Melipona scutellaris Hexapoda Hymenoptera 263364263364
Melitaea cinxia Glanville fritillary Hexapoda Lepidoptera 113334113334
Menacanthus stramineus Hexapoda Phthiraptera
Mesaphorura sp. Hexapoda Collembola 187655187655
Messor spp. Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Metajapyx sp. Hexapoda Diplura 109747109747
Metallyticus violaceus Hexapoda Mantodea
Metaphycus helvolus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 272406272406
Metapolybia docilis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Metaseiulus occidentalis Western predatory mite Chelicerata Mesostigmata 3463834638
Metopolophium dirhodum Hexapoda Hemiptera 4467044670
Metridia longa Crustacea Calanoida 114071114071
Microcerotermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera
Micropterix calthella Hexapoda Lepidoptera 4102741027
Microstigmus nigrophthalmus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 588781588781
Microtermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera
Mindarus abietinus Hexapoda Hemiptera 133092133092
Mischocyttarus drewensi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 743369743369
Mollitrichosiphum tenuicorpus Hexapoda Hemiptera
Monobia quadridens Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5064050640
Monochamus alternatus Hexapoda Coleoptera 192382192382
Monoctenus juniperi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 410277410277
Monodontomerus aeneus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Monomorium pharaonis Pharaoh ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 307658307658
Monosapyga clavicornis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Mormotomyia hirsuta Frightful hairy fly Hexapoda Diptera
Musca domestica House fly Hexapoda Diptera 73707370
Mycetagroicus cerradensis Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Mycetarotes parallelus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3470434704
Mycetosoritis clorindae Hexapoda Hymenoptera 493217493217
Mycetosoritis hartmanni Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3471034710
Mycocepurus castrator Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Mycocepurus goeldii Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Mycocepurus smithii Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3471234712
Myrmecia croslandi Australian jack jumper ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 3617236172
Myrmica rubra Hexapoda Hymenoptera 106198106198
Myrmicocrypta infuscata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 257666257666
Myrmoxenus ravouxi Ravoux's slavemaker ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 314137314137
Myzus persicae Green peach aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 1316413164
Nannochorista sp. Hexapoda Mecoptera
Nasonovia ribisnigri Lettuce aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 269403269403
Nasutitermes takasagoensis Hexapoda Isoptera 6296062960
Neelus sp. Hexapoda Collembola
Nematus ribesii Gooseberry sawfly Hexapoda Hymenoptera 362087362087
Nemoura cinerea Hexapoda Plecoptera 197169197169
Neochlamisus bebbianae Hexapoda Coleoptera 8559685596
Neomachilis halophila Jumping Bristletail
Neophyllaphis podocarpi Hexapoda Hemiptera 133096133096
Neosilba zadolicha Lance fly Hexapoda Diptera 286493286493
Neotermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera
Nephila clavipes Golden silk spider Chelicerata Araneae 69156915
Neuquenaphis edwardsi Hexapoda Hemiptera
Neuquenaphis staryi Hexapoda Hemiptera
Nevrorthus fallax Hexapoda Neuroptera
Nilaparvata lugens Brown planthopper Hexapoda Hemiptera 108931108931
Nipponaphis monzeni Hexapoda Hemiptera
Nothomyrmecia macrops Australian ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 147889147889
Nylanderia pubens Caribbean crazy ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Ochlerotatus caspius Hexapoda Diptera 120870120870
Odontomachus brunneus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 486640486640
Odontotermes sp. Hexapoda Isoptera
Oecophylla smaragdina Green tree ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 8456184561
Oncopeltus fasciatus Large milkweed bug Hexapoda Hemiptera 75367536
Onthophagus nigriventris Hexapoda Coleoptera 476074476074
Onthophagus taurus Dung beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 166361166361
Opifex fuscus Saltpool mosquito Hexapoda Diptera 704161704161
Orchesella cincta Hexapoda Collembola 4870948709
Ornithodoros moubata Chelicerata Ixodida 69386938
Orussus abietinus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 222816222816
Oryzaephilus surinamensis Saw-toothed grain beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 4111241112
Osmia lignaria Orchard mason bee Hexapoda Hymenoptera 473952473952
Ostrinia nubilalis European corn borer Hexapoda Lepidoptera 2905729057
Otiorhynchus sulcatus Black vine beetle Hexapoda Coleoptera 122849122849
Oxyopes salticus Lynx spider Chelicerata Araneae
Pachypsylla venusta Hackberry petiole gall psyllid Hexapoda Hemiptera 3812338123
Paederus sabaeus Nairobi fly Hexapoda Coleoptera
Pamphagus auresianus Hexapoda Orthoptera
Pamphagus cristatus Hexapoda Orthoptera
Pamphagus djelfensis Hexapoda Orthoptera
Pamphagus elphes Hexapoda Orthoptera
Pamphagus marmoratus Hexapoda Orthoptera
Pamphilius aurantiacus Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Panonychus citri Citrus red mite Chelicerata Prostigmata
Panorpa vulgaris Hexapoda Mecoptera 5256252562
Panulirus argus Caribbean spiny lobster Crustacea Decapoda 67376737
Papilio dardanus African swallowtail butterfly Hexapoda Lepidoptera 7725977259
Papilio machaon Common yellow swallowtail Hexapoda Lepidoptera 7619376193
Parachartergus fraternus Hexapoda Hymenoptera 9140691406
Paraponera clavata Hexapoda Hymenoptera 5542555425
Pararge aegeria Speckled wood butterfly Hexapoda Lepidoptera 116150116150
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Common house spider Chelicerata Araneae 114398114398
Paratrechina longicornis Longhorn crazy ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 262035262035
Pardosa milvina Thin legged wolf spider Chelicerata Araneae 11280281128028
Parhyale hawaiensis Beach hopper Crustacea Amphipoda 317513317513
Parischnogaster mellyi Hexapoda Hymenoptera 7699876998
Parnassius smintheus Rocky mountain parnassian Hexapoda Lepidoptera 9371593715
Pectinophora gossypiella pink bollworm Hexapoda Lepidoptera 1319113191
Pediculus humanus capitis Human head louse Hexapoda Phthiraptera 121226121226
Pegoscapus hoffmeyeri Fig wasp Hexapoda Hymenoptera 150925150925
Pemphigus bursarius Hexapoda Hemiptera
Pemphigus obesinymphae Poplar petiole gall aphid Hexapoda Hemiptera 121825121825
Peponapis pruinosa Hexapoda Hymenoptera
Peregrinus maidis Corn hopper Hexapoda Hemiptera 222432222432
Periphyllus acerihabitans Hexapoda Hemiptera 796243796243
Periplaneta america Hexapoda Blattaria
Periplaneta americana American cockroach Hexapoda Blattaria 69786978
Periplaneta australasiae Hexapoda Blattaria
Perla marginata Stonefly Hexapoda Plecoptera 227363227363
Petrobius brevistylus Hexapoda Archaeognatha
Phalangium opilio Brown daddy-long-legs Chelicerata Opiliones 118624118624
Pheidole megacephala Big-headed ant Hexapoda Hymenoptera 300850300850
Phidippus audax Bold jumping spider Chelicerata Araneae 304576304576
Philanthus triangulum European beewolf Hexapoda Hymenoptera 280486280486
Phlebotomus orientalis Oriental sandfly Hexapoda Diptera
Phoneutria nigriventer Brazilian armed spider Chelicerata Araneae 69186918
Phorodon humuli Hexapoda Hemiptera 796291796291
… further results

G10K logo.png The Genome 10K project aims to assemble a genomic zoo—a collection of DNA sequences representing the genomes of 10,000 vertebrate species, approximately one for every vertebrate genus. The trajectory of cost reduction in DNA sequencing suggests that this project will be feasible within a few years. Capturing the genetic diversity of vertebrate species would create an unprecedented resource for the life sciences and for worldwide conservation efforts.

The growing Genome 10K Community of Scientists (G10KCOS), made up of leading scientists representing major zoos, museums, research centers, and universities around the world, is dedicated to coordinating efforts in tissue specimen collection that will lay the groundwork for a large-scale sequencing and analysis project.

G10K website: genome10k.soe.ucsc.edu

1KITE logo.png Insects are one of the most species-rich groups of metazoan organisms. They play a pivotal role in most non-marine ecosystems and many insect species are of enormous economical and medical importance. Unraveling the evolution of insects is essential for understanding how life in terrestrial and limnic environments evolved. The 1KITE (1K Insect Transcriptome Evolution) project aims to study the transcriptomes (that is the entirety of expressed genes) of 1,000 insect species encompassing all recognized insect orders. For each species, so-called ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags) will be produced using next generation sequencing techniques (NGS). Sequencing will be completed by the end of 2012. The expected data will allow inferring for the first time a robust phylogenetic backbone tree of insects.

1KITE website: www.1KITE.org

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